Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On The Kids With Vivian McKinnon

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Kids can be unruly and get on any parent’s nerves sometimes. But that doesn’t mean we can lash out at them anytime. Your screaming won’t cut it if you want them to really learn so they won’t do it again in the future. In this episode of the Fire In The Belly Podcast, Pete talks to Vivian McKinnon, a Floatation & Trauma Specialist, a public speaker, and a coach, about how she helps her clients by sharing her personal stories (including recovery from traumas). No one should be ever told that they are less than enough. Kids deserve to be given hope and should not be pressured. Let them discover themselves and dream. Tune in to know more about mental health and more today.



Vivian grew up in a not so perfect family. Though very supportive of her activities when she was a child, her parents fought a lot. She never felt she was greatly loved. In fact, she felt rejected throughout her childhood; always trying to do whatever she could to be accepted. This affected her mental health, which manifested physically too.
Despite her past strained relationships—not just with her family, but also with her previous partners)—Vivian was still able to live the life she wanted to live. She strived harder to attain some stability, financially and mentally.
As a Wellness Consultant, she and her team have equipped themselves with enough knowledge, resources, strategies, models and tools to help her clients. Vivian also believes her own personal story and her killset can make people embrace themselves truly and be strong during tough times.
No person is broken. Most of the people who think this way have no one around them who support them, boost their moral, or make things clear for them. It’s important that we are reassured during our formative years that we deserve great (and much greater) things. Don’t put too much pressure on the kids. Also, give them hope.

“You look back and there’s always somebody in your life that you know was never meant to be there, but is.”
“Go for the things you want and act like you already have them.”
“Vulnerability is a place where you can grow and develop more.”
“I love myself. I accept myself for who I am. I make pretty good decisions. I am a pretty decent mum.”
“I am who I am because of the experience that I have.”

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Vivian McKinnon is the founder and owner of Hydro-Ease Limited, the first dedicated floatation centre in Northern Ireland, aside from being the Wellness Consultant. She is also the most proficient change work specialists in the area. Aside from these, she is also NI Regional Coordinator for UK SMART Recover and she’s highly qualified and experienced in Mental Health First Aid Training, Havening, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, Auricular Acupuncture, Laughter Yoga, Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spectrum Coaching (Performance and emotional).
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E23: Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On The Kids With Vivian McKinnon



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